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Words Julian Sturgis
Music Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan
Pianoforte arrangement Ernest Ford
Piano introduction and interludes by John W. Kennedy

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Was hael (Act I, scene i.)

Cedric’s Men (getting to the table). Was hael! Drink hael!
  Supper and song — so runs the stave;
  Supper and song for knight and knave;
    Drink deep, drink deep!
  Eat, drink, and sleep
    Till daylight peep!
  Drink to the house of Cedric!
  Hoch! the house of Cedric!
  Was hael! Drink hael!
  Hoch! Hoch! Was hael! Drink hael!

Light foot upon the dancing green (Act III, scene ii.)

Outlaws. Light foot upon the dancing green,
    Light hand upon the bow,
  With glancing eye and laughing mien
    Adown the glade we go.
  And, marching, sing like yeomen true,
  “Our bows are made of English yew.”

Drink, drink ye all (Act I, scene i.)

Cedric.   Drink, drink ye all
    In this our ancient hall
  To the bold deeds of heroes long ago,
    To those who fight and those who fall
          Where battles ebb and flow!
          Well do I mind the day
When I have seen the armies in array,
  And the earth shook with horsemen, and the sword
  Leapt from the scabbard at my armèd side,
    And loud the ravens cried
        At scent of blood.
Drink to the brave, or boor or lord!
        Drink to the warrior’s noble mood,
  The battle’s glory and the minstrel’s song!
  But now, ah me! gone is the ancient fame
    And fair-haired warrior strong,
  The Saxon glory and the Saxon name, —
  Then fill the cup, fill high,
  And drink to those who strive, and those who die,
  Saxon or Norman, fighting for the Cross!

Cedric’s men. Glory to those who fight for the true Cross!

De Bracy. Glory to those who battle for the Cross,
  And most to those, the bravest and the best,
  Wonder of land and sea, of east and west,
  Knights of the Holy Order of the Temple.
(He pledges Brian.)

All. Glory to those who battle for the Cross!
  Glory to those who fight or fail —
  Who win the prize or bear the loss!
      Drink hael! Was hael!

Freumere principes (Act III, scene iii.)

Templars. Fremuere Principes,
  Irruere turbidi:
  In hoc Templo una spes,
  Una salus domini!
      Nobis sit victoria,
      Nostro Templo gloria,
      Gloria sancto nomini!

  Cordibus ac mentibus
  Proni veneramur te:
  Salus esto gentibus
  In hoc Templo, Domine!
      Nobis sit victoria,
      Nostro Templo gloria,
      Gloria sancto nomini!

And so to sleep (Act I, scene i.)

Cedric’s men. And so to sleep
  Till lagging daylight peep.
            So ends the song,
  With sleep till daylight peep.
            So ends the song.


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Medley from "Ivanhoe"
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