The Yellow Kid, the Latest and the Greatest—MIDI

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Words William H. Friday, Jr.
Music Homer Tourjee
TTBB arrangement John W. Kennedy

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  1. Who doesn‘t know the “Dugan Kid”, he is the very latest.
    You’ll find his picture in The Journal every Sunday morn.
    He wears a mellow yellow dress, of kids he is the greatest.
    Because he is the slickest kid that ever yet was born.

    Although but three or four years old, he’s quite well known to fame.
    E’en though he has a homely face, likewise a homely name.
    But he takes in all the picnics, doesn’t miss a baseball game.
    The Dugan kid, the latest, up-to-datest.


    He’s a plain little chap
    From the heart of New York
    Is this gay little Dugan boy
    With smiles so sunny
    And ears so funny
    He’s New York's joy.

    When the band starts to play,
    Is he in it? “Well, say,”
    Dugan’s out of sight.
    But he’s a corker,
    A born New Yorker
    And he’s all right.

    Repeat Chorus

  2. Some of his slang expressions have completely caught the city.
    You can hear them if you listen on the street ’most ev’ry day.
    Now though young Dugan’s but a kid, his talk is often witty.
    And no matter where this urchin goes, he’s sure to have his say.

    Whenever he gets rattled, he will holler “Hully gee!
    Dere isn’t any duck in town can get away wid me.
    For I’m a Holly terror when my fur is ruffled, see?”
    Says the Dugan kid, the latest, up-to-datest.

    Repeat Chorus twice


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